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Bring Back Single Column Dashboard

To bring back the single column admin dashboard after updating to WordPress 3.8 add this to your functions.php file:

Creating a WordPress Theme From Static HTML

Configuring the WordPress Auto Update Feature

Default auto update configuration

Add Custom Message to WordPress Post Editor

Change the highlighted text below to whatever you want and add to your functions.php

WordPress hack: Efficient SEO without a plugin

Clean Up wp_head

add to your functions.php file to remove links from wp_head (edit as you like):

Remove Plugins and Other News from WordPress Dashboard

add to your functions.php file:

15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

Branding Snippets for WordPress Admin

Customize Login Logo:

Add Content to the End of Each RSS Post

Add to your functions.php file:

Screenshot of External Page Without a Plugin

Link to display screenshot of an external web page.
Change “targetwebpage” to URL you want to display¬†and “w=500″ to width for screenshot:

WordPress Temporary Maintenance Mode

This snippet  temporarily closes down your site to visitors but allows access to admins.
To allow visitors again simply delete or comment out the function.

CSS3 Hover Effects

Add Featured Image Thumbnail to WordPress Admin Posts Columns

Place in functions.php:

Add More Features to WordPress Visual Editor

Place in your functions.php:

Add Thumbnail Image & Exclude Category from RSS

Add to functions.php to add post thumbnail to RSS feed:

Breadcrumb Navigation without a Plugin

Add the code below to  functions.php:

CSS3 Vertical Navigation Tutorial

CSS3 Tilted Sticky Note Effect

Sticky Note Final

HTML5 Tags and Markup

New tags introduced by HTML5: