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2 Important Elements for a Successful Website

Probably the most important thing to consider when deciding whether to establish an internet presence with a website  is your email ethic. 

Email is the language of the internet – if you are not willing to commit to checking and answering email in a timely manner a website might not be practical.  Although, you will more than likely include a contact phone number – most internet browsers will choose to email for additional info and will expect a timely response to their request.  

Second, are website updates.

A website is similar to a garden – simply planting a garden is not enough.  To reap the benefits your website must be tended regularly or like an untended garden – nothing will grow.  That being said,  website update frequency depends on the type and purpose of the website.  A website for a service company can probably get by with bi-weekly updates however, a retail oriented website may require weekly or even daily updates to keep customers returning and maximize sales potential.  Whatever type of website you have – you must be willing and able to commit to updating and adding new content to the site – just having a website is simply not enough.