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A little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to establish a good online reputation and improve your search engine results rank:

Much is about SEO or search engine optimization and although it is important how your website is structured the most important aspect is your website’s content. 

A new website, like a new business, has to establish a reputation.  It is this reputation that boosts it’s page ranking in search engines.  And like a new business it takes time to establish a good online reputation.

Some basic SEO guidelines:

  • Useful and relevant content
    • post often 2-3 times per week
    • post information that is relevant to the overall theme of your website – misc. information is not the answer – information that relates to your business is what matters
    • use key words and phrases in your posts – however don’t over do it – again write for your visitors – an abundance of key word usage will actually hurt your ranking.
  • Your meta title and meta description
    • The meta title and description are what actually show up in the search results and should accurately reflect what your site is about and entice people to visit your site.
    • The meta description, at this time, is more important than your keywords.  Keywords were unfortunately misused and now search engines rely more on your description and actual site content when ranking your site in results.
  • Utilize the aternative title for images
    • Search engines need text in order to index images – include an image description in the alternate image title of each image so that seach engines recognize and index them.
  • Develop a network of relevant links
    • Incoming links to your site build your online reputation – develop a relationship with other relevant sites – link to them and have them link to you.  Note:  just having a lot of links is not the key and may actually harm you.  Links are recommendations from you and from others – concentrate on linking to other reputable sites that are relevant to your content.  Links to websites with questionable reputations will harm your reputation and lower your page rank.   A good way to develop incoming links is to publish unique useful content that others want to link to.

Follow these basic guidelines and you will be on your way to improving the page rank of your website in search results – be patient – update with good content frequently and your rank will improve!

To be continued…

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