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Before You Update to WordPress 2.9

Just a word about updating to the newest version of WordPress (or any new version for that matter).

Do Your Research:

  • Plugins: now has a compatibility rating system for plugins – if plugins are important to your site visit each plugin page and see if anyone has encountered conflicts with the plugin version you are using


  • Theme:  Do a google search and see if anyone has reported any conflicts with the theme you are using … in some cases new versions of wordpress will break a theme.  Unfortunately, if your theme breaks the only thing you can do is wait for the designer to release an update … so be careful.
  • Create a test site:  Best solution if you can, set up a separate test site using the same theme and plugins your main site uses and upgrade this site first to see if any bad things happen during the upgrade.
  • Backup your files and database before upgrading … worse case if the upgrade crashes your site you can restore everything.  For those of you who forget to do this your host may be able to help you out with this – many hosting companies do routine backups. 
  • Deactivate all your plugins before upgrading.  Most crashes have something to do with plugins, deactivate all then re-activate one at a time – this way if one is incompatible you can figure out which one it is.
  • Assuming everything has gone well up to this point, you are now ready to upgrade.  The easiest way is to use the automatic upgrade feature in wordpress … just a click of  the button and it’s done.


Here’s hoping it all goes well… for one I haven’t finished testing everything so I haven’t upgraded yet but I will… WordPress 2.9 by all accounts holds some very useful new features and I look forward to using it.

Update: Successfully upgraded to 2.9 so far so good…