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Blog and Tweet

If you have a blog you can now write one entry and have it posted to both your blog and twitter account.  This isn’t available for self-hosted wordpress blogs yet but I’m hoping  it will come down the pike in the not too distant future.

You can use any twitter app that will allow you to input a custom API URL.  Basically, you add your blog to the account and then when you post to your blog it posts to your twitter account – saving you time and updating your followers at the same time.  

For a more detailed article read post by Matt Mullenweg.

Just in case you didn’t know there are also many plugins that will enable you to post from your wordpress blog to your Facebook account.  Look Here.

Another useful plugin would be Share This  add this to your blog and your readers can add or email your post to AIM, Facebook, Twitter and more.

It seems that we are heading toward a time when you can write just one post that will then spread out to all your social networking sites without having to duplicate or repeat yourself!

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