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Changing Your WordPress Theme

Since I am in the middle of doing this right now – figured maybe I should write a little about it – for those of you who may not know.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that you can change the entire look and feel of your site without losing the information already stored on your site. 

In the dashboard in the left column you will see a tab called Appearance – > click ->


 then click Add New Themes->


 In WordPress 2.8.4 you will then be presented with a screen giving you specific choices to narrow your search for a new theme.  Choose whatever colors, width and special characteristics and then click search.


Now your search will return with Themes matching the choices you have made.  Scroll through the pages of themes until you find one that strikes you.  Click Preview to get an idea of how it will look then click install if you would like that theme.


Clicking install will bring you to a small screen where you can click install again to install the theme on your site.


After installing ( which take a couple of seconds) you will be brought to a screen and asked to choose to activate or preview the new theme.  Click activate and the new theme is now on your site.   All your posts and pages will be there however, check your sidebars and widgets – each theme is unique and you will probably have to make a few adjustments so that all the information displays properly.