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Contact Form 7 – WordPress Plugin – Basic Contact Form

I haven’t really written about any specific wordpress plugins so I thought I would mention a few that I highly recommend.  I’ll be adding them in no particular order (not trying to show favoritism)  since they all serve different purposes. 

I decided to start with a more universal plugin – one that every site should have (or at least something like it) – a simple contact form.

Contact Form 7

A very flexible and useful plugin that adds a contact form to your site without any coding required.  It can be installed through your admin dashboard and used right out of the box as a simple contact form.  It comes with a pre-defined contact form that asks for the users name, email and message. 

How the Form Works: 

User fills in first and last name, valid email address and message then clicks submit.   Message is forwarded to the email you specified in your WordPress General Settings.

How to Install:

  • From Admin dashboard go to Plugins ->
  • go to Get More Plugins click link ->
  • Enter “Contact Form 7″ into search box ->
  • Click Contact Form 7 plugin link ->
  • click install ->
  • click activate once it has installed ->
  • go to Tools tab ->
  • click Contact Form 7 tab to go to main screen
Contact Form 7 Main Screen

(click for larger image)



At the main screen you will see the pre-defined form info – if this is all the info you need (usually serves the purpose of most sites)  –  Copy the code in the top brown bar under the copy code text.   Create a new page called Contact (or whatever else you’d like to name it) paste the code you copied into the page/post box.   Then save the page/post – that’s all!  Now you have a basic contact form that looks like the image below in the post/page you placed the code. 

(Example of how basic contact 7  form displays on page)



Contact Form 7 can create a huge variety of forms I’ll discuss customizing the basic form and creating new forms in another post…

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