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Design Tips

Some Ideas About Website Design:


  • Keep it simple.  
    • A clean design – clutter is confusing and difficult to navigate.
    • Use short brief and to the point text areas with images.
    • Get to the point – on the internet people are looking to get the information they want quickly.


  • Use Multiple Navigation Menus
    • Use several methods to find information on the site.  Everyone organizes in different patterns.
    • Website Theme should reflect the personality of your business.


  • Your website theme will be your customers first impression and should give them an accurate reflection of your business personality.
    • Entertainment related business should have more light hearted fun sites while professional business more serious and so on.
    • Be consistent.


  • The layout of your site should be consistent throughout to increase ease of use.
    • Menus and navigation should be located in the same area of all pages.
    • Include contact information.
    • Only include contact information that you actually check regualrly.  Internet customers are used to fast response and generally communicate through email – so only include email addresses you actually check.
    • Include your address and corresponding map and phone number,  if you want to customers to come to your location.


  • Include photos.
    • Images give personality to your site. 
    • If you have a brick and mortar location include a photo of the building. 
    • Include photos of yourself and key employees.
    • Include photos of your products with descriptions and prices.