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MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

Found this wordpress plugin while surfing and had to try it out…

Basically this plugin adds either a static  stripe ad to the top of your website or a stripe that hovers at the top and moves as you scroll down the page. 


  • can be plain text or a text link
  • can choose the text font, size and style (bold, italics etc.)
  • can choose the text color, stripe color and stripe outline color
  • can rotate multiple ads and choose show display some more than others
  • can choose frequency:
    • once
    • all the time
    • after certain number of visits
    • every certain number of days
  • can add a clickbank id
  • can place a top margin
  • can remove powered by MaxBlogPress  for $47


  • Most obvious… advertising
  • Announcements
  • News
  • Website Features
  • Upcoming Events
  • Pretty much anything you want visits to notice.

Things I am reserving judgement on:

  • had to register my name and email and sign up for a newsletter in order to activate the plugin, have read that some have complained about spam from MaxBlog – so far I’ve received a newsletter and a welcome message – not what I would consider spam but I will report back if this changes.
    • Update:  I do regularly receive marketing emails from MaxBlog now – again if the plugin is useful to you I wouldn’t consider the emails prohibitive – if you’re not interested you do not have to act on them or read them for that matter.

Could not find the plugin on so in order to use had to download, upload into my plugin folder, extract, activate, register and confirm registration, set up options. 

Overall, I am pleased with this plugin and see that it definitely has a variety of uses.

If you are interested you can download it from  MaxBlogPress here.