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Understanding WordPress Pages and Posts

WordPress Pages are the static content of your site – information that rarely changes .    The pages are accessed through the page menu so that returning visitors can reference the information easily.  Pages are assigned a hierarchy when created either as a main tab or sub-directory.  Pages are automatically organized alphabetically but can be assigned a custom order.

Examples of pages: 

  • your about us information 
  • contact information
  •  location information 
  •  mission statement
  •  company history 
  •  design portfolio 
  •  main products  or services etc.

WordPress Posts/Articles are the dynamic content of your site – information that regularly changes.   Posts are assigned a category(s) when created,  accessed through the category menu and organized chronologically,  the most current post is displayed first going back to the oldest.   Posts are usually dated enabling visitors to easily determine what information is new to the site since that last visit or what is the most current information.  (No more wondering when info was posted to the site and whether it still applies.)   

Examples of posts: 

  • annual reports
  •  newsletters
  •  sales
  •  special offers 
  •  press releases 
  •  advertisements
  •  race results 
  •  annoucements 
  •  event information 
  •  meetings schedules etc.

By combining Pages and Posts you can effectively and efficiently organize and manage the content of your website – making the site both easy to use and easy to manage.

In the next post/article I’ll write a little about plugins and widgets…