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Unexpected Inconveniences of WordPress 2.8

Update :  These issues have been fixed with the new WordPress 2.8.4 release plus some additional security.

We’re now on WordPress 2.8.3 and although 2.8  is packed with many great new features there are a couple changes that are not as convenient. 

  • Automatic upgrade process may not work anymore or may work intermittently.
    • Try the process 3-4 times to see if it will complete.
    • If it simply won’t work you will need to do a manual upgrade. (I’ll leave that for another day)


  • The file permissions for your .htaccess file may not be correct anymore and will prevent you from updating your permalinks (page/post addresses).
    • If your .htaccess file is hidden you will have to access it from a ftp program and change the file permission.
    • Once you have changed the permissions to 777 update your permalinks.
    • After updating change the file permissions back to 644 and disconnect the ftp program.  (It’s not safe to leave your .htaccess file with permissions set to 777)


  • The plugin install will work for some plugins and not for others.
    • If it doesn’t work -> Download the plugin you wish to install to your computer
    • Upload the zip file into your wp-contents/plugins file through ftp or cpanel
    • Extract the zip file into the plugins folder
    • Refresh your plugins screen and activate the plugin


  • The add new theme will work for some themes and not for others.
    • Same process as plugins above.

Don’t get me wrong – I love wordpress – these issues are annoying at most – it is still hands down the easiest and most expandable website software available today.