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Upgrading to the new WordPress version 2.8

Note:  You must already have WordPress installed on your site in order to upgrade to the new version – otherwise you would be installing which is a different process.

  • Sign in to your admin dashboard at the top in red you will see an upgrade prompt. 
  • Click upgrade.  You will be advised to backup your files and database – this is a precaution just in case something goes wrong during the installation. 
  • Backup your files and database.
    • Backing up your site in cpanel – sign into your cpanel
    • Find the backup icon and click
    • Choose backup home directory – this backs up your files – click save and pick location on your computer to save backup
    • Choose backup database – click save and pick location on your computer to save backup – remember where you saved your backups -in case you need to use in the future
    • Choose backup filters and forwarders – if you have any and follow the same process – saving to your computer.
    • You have successfully backed  up your site
  • Click automatic upgrade – wordpress will do everything and when finished you will see a message notifying you that wordpress was successfully upgraded. 
  • After the upgrade you will  be forced to sign back into your dashboard – this just refreshes and applies the changes to the admin area.
  • That’s it – you now are using version 2.8!

I have used the automatic upgrade to 2.8 on many sites so far without incident – however a directory and database backup is insurance in case anything were to go wrong during the upgrade.    Site backups should be done regularly and frequently (depending on site update frequency) as a rule.