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Website Reality Check

Two Things to consider before starting a website:

  • Email communications
    • Email is the language of the internet,  if you are not capable of communicating in a timely manner through email – do a business card site only.  Include basic information about your business, business hours, location etc. and do not include an email address.  Internet users expect a timely response to email communication and if you do not reply you have already created a bad impression and more than likely lost a customer.
  • Time
    • Website’s are time consuming.  Providing fresh content for your visitors and in return improving your search engine results requires at minimum 3 updates per week on top of constantly monitoring and tweaking your site.  If you do not have the time and do not wish to pay someone to do this for you – again just do a business card site.  Visitors will leave a site that has not been updated and will cease to return if  new information hasn’t been added to your site.

A business card site is simple and does not require a lot of maintenance – it is still a business necessity since more and more people are turning to the internet not the yellow pages to find information and businesses.

I can’t stress enough the importance of these two areas.  A good website that people use, enjoy and find on the internet requires a long term commitment – if you have your hands full and can’t make that commitment – recognize your reality and plan accordingly.   Success on the internet is the same as success in brick and mortar – simply a matter of recognizing your strengths and weakness.