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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why is it Important

Search Engine Optimization is important if you wish to attract new visitors to your website – if your website is solely designed to support existing customers, others who already know of you or is an intranet – then SEO may not have much importance.

SEO is the process of designing your site and it’s contents in such a way that it ranks high in search engine results (ie Google, Bing etc.)  It is well known that the higher you place in search results the more visitors your site will attract. 

Search engine ranking has become a very advanced field – none of the major search engines actually state exactly how they rank websites (kind of like your FICO score) but as it has evolved it is based on a combination of these factors:

  • relevant material
  • appropriate keyword usage
  • website meta description
  • page titles
  • frequency of site updates
  • incoming links from other sites

If you use WordPress many of these factors have already been taken care of, which is why wordpress sites tend to rank high in search results.  If you use other website software for your site the meta description and page titles are included in the html coding of the site and each page.  The other factors are included in the content of the site.  It is important to note that abusing keyword usage and links will actually hurt your search engine rankings so be sure that you are appropriately using those factors. 

Lastly,  site updates are important – do not build your website just to leave it – no one including search engines is interested in visiting a site that doesn’t have current info. and doesn’t add new info regularly.   

Update you site frequently and regularly!


*This is a general summary only intended to familiarize you with the terms and concepts – for more info a quick search should turn up many more in depth articles on the subject.*