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Who Needs a Website?

The simple answer:  every business and organization needs a website no matter how small.

It should no longer be a question of whether you need a website but more what kind of website do you need.   We have moved from a print society to an internet society and as such your business or organization needs to adapt in order to reach clients and members effectively.    This is not limited to for profit businesses but includes non-profit organizations.  Websites are simply the most cost effective media available today.   An informative and updated website reaches new and existing customers and effectively distributes information and aids in new member recruitment. 

With new developments in open source (free) software – web design is no longer limited to high price custom sites.  Although, there is definitely still a need for the full service web design company – many businesses and organizations can take advantage of  open source software (WordPress, Concrete5 and Pluck) and have beautiful and functional websites created at a fraction of the cost of the high price design firms.  Basically,  open source software provides the website structure and saves web designers time and therefore saves you money.

The above mentioned open source software are all designed with the end user in mind.  They are all very functional content management systems and allow for easy updates and website management without needing a high level of technical knowledge.  Basically, once installed and set up these systems allow you to update your website without the aid of a web designer, from any computer with internet access through online interfaces similar to a simple word processing program.  Page styles are consistent and created automatically, menus and links are created automatically all you have to worry about is the actual content of your website.