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WordPress and WordPress Mu Merger

I am excited by the news that WordPress and WordPress MU will merge somewhere down the line.  I personally have several sites running on WordPress and look forward to being able to manage all from 1 admin panel as well as hopefully being able to take advantage of the BuddyPress functionality in creating social networking sites using this new WordPress. 

Although you can currently do all this with WordPress MU,  installation and management of MU is daunting and filled with warning –

If you’re not comfortable editing PHP code, taking care of a complex
webserver and database system and being pro-active about following
developments of this project then run…
quoted from the WordPress website.

Not a very welcoming  message which is repeated in varying forms throughout the site.   Although, I am comfortable editing css and html,  I am not, nor claim to be a php developer and have therefore steered clear of WordPress MU, as I’m sure many others have as well. 

After reading through some of the articles and comments about this proposed merge, there seems to be some disagreement and resentment, particularly in the WordPress MU community… I’m not sure what politics are involved here so it remains to be seen what will really happen and when … just my observations and opinion.