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WordPress as a CMS with a Blog

As WordPress has become more popular,  more and more business have adapted the platform to run successful and dynamic websites.   The main difference when using WordPress as a CMS and not a blog is having a static home page. ( A consistent page the site opens to versus a page listing your latest posts)   However, what if you want the static front page but also want to keep the blog feature –  the best of both worlds: a static home page and a blog.

Here’s what to do: 

  • First, you need to build a home page and a blog page.  At Pages->Add New-> build your pages and assign  names (ie Welcome, About, Blog etc.)  Note: is you call your front page [ Home ] in many themes you will end up with 2 home page tabs in the menu.  
  • Remember, once you have created the pages – save and publish.

Settings -> Reading Screen
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  • Second, you need to instruct WordPress to use the page you have created as the static home page.   This simple function is found under the Setting ->Reading.  To change the front page of your site  to a static page you simply check the box [static] and assign the page you created from the dropdown menu.   
  • Third,  you need to instruct WordPress to use the page you have created as the blog page.  Using the second drop down menu under [static] on the Reading Settings page assign the blog (posts) page.  
  • Finally, save your settings.

Congratulations,  your WordPress site now has a static front page and a page for your blog – it’s that easy!

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