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WordPress Tips

Helpful Hints…

  • When inserting a word document or excel table  into a post or page either copy and paste it into the word tab on the text editor (clipboard with a W (word) or T(excel)).  The formatting of both types of documents can conflict with some themes and cause the post/page to break (mess the template up).
  • For a paragraph space hit enter for a new line without space hit shift/enter.
  • Watch your table widths.  Unless your table is formatted for a percentage it may be too wide for your post/page template and the post/page will not scroll you will just lose some of the table.
  • Occasionally,  when you save a post/page that has centered text – it will not take and you will have to format and re-save.
  • Even is you are not using a tag cloud – fill out tags for your posts/pages – these become search terms that are helpful to visitors of your site.
  • When writing a new post/page you can choose to publish it at a later date – choose edit next to publish immediately and choose a future date and time to publish – wordpress will handle it from there.
  • You can reverse saved changes to a post/page.  At the very center bottom of the Edit Post/Page screen you will see Post Revisions – they are dated – select which one to go to and update – the older version will be re-activated.

(I’ll be adding more to this post…)