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WP Limit Posts Automatically WordPress Plugin

WP Limit Posts Automatically is another useful across the board plugin.  The main function of this plugin is to controll the size of  post lists, whether on your front page, in archives or searches.  (Note: it doesn’t limit how much you can write – just adds a “read more” link.)   This is particularly helpful if you are using posts for your home page, have posts that are longer in length and do not want everyone to have to scroll down through the entire content of each post just to find the info they are looking for.  Basically, makes your site more user friendly. 

For instance, I have the plugin installed to show the first paragraph.  Therefore,  on my home page, browsing categories or searching the first paragraph will show with a read more link if you are interested, otherwise you wo’t be bothered with having to scroll through the whole post to get to another.

Limit Posts gives you a wide variety of options on how much of each post to show and allows you to specify where to impose the rules you set.  If you take the time to use excerpts for your posts this may not matter, however if you don’t this plugin will clean up the look of your site and make it easier to browse for visitors.


  • Limit posts by letter, word or paragraph
  • Limit posts in home, category, archive and search
  • Choose number of letters to cut with
  • Strip tags (disables images, videos and links when limit posts)

As with most plugin you can find and install this post through you wordpress dashboard.  Once activated it adds an option menu under the Settings Tab in the left column of the dashboard.


Your choices are simple and straightforward – choose your options then save settings and you’re done!