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Updating WordPress and Plugins

As WordPress continues to roll out updates it’s becoming increasing common for some plugins to fail to survive the update.  Early on I was in a habit of immediately updating my sites as soon as the newest version of WordPress rolled out.  Then during one update a plugin that was critical to the operation of the site broke causing a mad dash to find a replacement or lose the primary function of the site.

My solution:  test sites.  I have test sites for any website that uses plugins as a means to an end.  My advice if you can’t live without a plugin test, test, test prior to just blindly updating to the newest version of WordPress or do your research and have a backup plugin ready, in case your favorite plugin doesn’t make the transition.

Another issue I’ve run across is updating a plugin and having it break the theme. 

I realize not everyone has the luxury of multiple tests sites running just to test plugins and themes so just as they suggest: backup everything prior to updating anything and be prepared.