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Enabling Post Formats in WordPress 3.1

Just starting to work with post formats  in WordPress 3.1 
Post formats allow you to display different post types in unique ways.

Here are the post formats now available:

  • Aside – a note,  I’ll probably use for code snippets
  • Gallery – image gallery
  • Link – link to another site
  • Image – single image
  • Status – short update – like Twitter
  • Audio – audio file – not sure if I’ll use
  • Video – single video – not sure if I’ll use
  • Quote – block quote
  • Chat – chat transcript – not sure if I’ll use

First step is to enable post formats in a theme is to add the following to the functions.php file of the theme:

add_theme_support( ‘post-formats’, array( ‘aside’, ‘audio’, ‘gallery’, ‘image’, ‘link’, ‘video’, ‘status’, ‘quote’, ‘chat’ ) );

Edit out any formats that you don’t want or leave in to style at a later date. 
Once this has been added a new box with radio buttons will be added to the right side of the admin screen that includes all the formats you decided to include.

When adding a post choose one of the post formats and the post will be displayed however you have styled them.  Just a note:  the default post format is now called “standard”.