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How to Edit the WordPress Admin Help Dropdown Menu

At the top right of the WordPress Admin panels you’ll see a button that says “Help.” When you click it, Help text slides down.

You can add your own custom help text here and customize it for different Admin panels.
For example, you can add a different help text for the Add New Post panel and another one for the Comments panel.

Place the following in your functions.php file:

function custom_help_page() { add_filter('contextual_help','custom_page_help');
function custom_page_help($help)
{ // echo $help; // Uncomment if you want to add your Help text to the default Help text instead of replace
echo "<h5>Your Help text goes here</h5>";
echo "<p> Your HTML goes here.</p>"; }

To find what file you should add the action to, check the address bar in your browser and add the load- prefix right before the file name. For example, if you wanted to add the custom Help text to the Add New Post panel, which has a file name of post-new.php, then you would use load-post-new.php as the parameter of the add_action function shown above.