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WordPress 3.2

Here’s the list of some of the improvements made to WordPress in version 3.2 from for a complete list visit  WordPress Codex


  • Admin redesign
  • New Default Theme “Twenty Eleven”
  • Full Screen Editor 
  • Extended Admin Bar
  • Requirements Changes 
    • PHP 5.2.4 or greater 
    • MySQL 5.0.15 or greater
  • Enhanced Browser Compatibility 
    • Drop Internet Explorer 6 support
    • Start End-of-life (EOL) cycle for Internet Explorer 7
    • Browse Happy notify users of out-of-date browser
  • Faster and Lighter 
    • Faster page loads
    • Faster Upgrades

User Features

  • Admin Bar: Add a Themes submenu under Appearance
  • Admin Bar:
    • Add View Site/Dashboard links
    •  ‘View X’ links in the admin
    •  ‘View’ action link for terms
  • Admin Bar: Support Edit link for Attachments
  • Switch from “Panel/SubPanel” to “Screen” in inline documentation and Codex links
  • Add collapse link to admin menu
  • Help Tab text updates
  • Favorites menu no longer exists


  • Change View All Buttons into plain links
  • Show full set of status links in recent comments box
  • Drop “Change Theme” button
  •  “Update Automatically” changed to “Update Now”


  • Change Menu Name from ‘Posts’ to ‘All Posts’
  • Show the sticky posts checkbox (“Stick this post to the front page”) Only when author has ‘edit_others_posts’ capability
  • Updated styles for the Visual editor buttons
  • Full screen editor experience called Distraction Free Writing


  • Add ‘Add New’ button to edit media


  • Change Menu Name from ‘Links’ to ‘All Links’
  • Add ‘Add New’ button to edit links


  • Change Menu Name from ‘Pages’ to ‘All Pages’


  • New comment bubble styling


  • New Default theme – TwentyEleven


  • Change Menu Name from ‘Tools’ to ‘Available Tools’
  • Press This bookmarklet redesign
  • Export commentmeta


  • Change Menu Name from ‘Users’ to ‘All Users’
  • Add ‘Add New’ button to edit users


  • Show access denied page and list a user’s sites if they visit an admin they don’t have permissions
  • Make “Space Used” gray instead of green in multisite Right Now box
  • Make user validation when adding a user via network admin consistent with adding a user elsewhere and provide better feedback for validation problems
  • Allow Pagination for Must-Use/Dropin plugins; respect WP_CONTENT_DIR & WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR for help text; move help text into WP_Plugins_List_Table
  • Rename network admin submenus to not clash with top level menus

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