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3 Ways to Increase WordPress Memory

WP_MEMORY_LIMIT allows you to specify the maximum amount of memory that can be consumed by PHP. By default, WordPress will attempt to increase memory allocated to PHP to 32MB (code is at beginning of wp-settings.php), so the setting in wp-config.php should reflect something higher than 32MB.

To set the PHP limit in wordpress – add the following code to wp-config.php.

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’96M’);

To set the PHP limit on your server (php.ini) add the to your php.ini file.
(create a php.ini file file if you do not have one already)

memory_limit = 96M

To set the PHP limit on your server (.htaccess) add the following code to your .htacces file. (create a .htaccess file if you do not already have one)

php_value memory_limit 96M