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Tumblog Plugin Released By WooThemes

WooThemes has released a plugin , WooTumblog,  that will convert your WordPress Theme into a Thumblr-style blog.

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Easy Way to Import Content to Your WordPress Site

Having developed an event site, and then expanded by separating content into several subdomains of the main domain I needed an easy way to draw the recent posts from each site and display them  – basically to improve and encourage navigation between the sites.

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WP Limit Posts Automatically WordPress Plugin

WP Limit Posts Automatically is another useful across the board plugin.  The main function of this plugin is to controll the size of  post lists, whether on your front page, in archives or searches.  (Note: it doesn’t limit how much you can write – just adds a “read more” link.)   This is particularly helpful if you are using posts for your home page, have posts that are longer in length and do not want everyone to have to scroll down through the entire content of each post just to find the info they are looking for.  Basically, makes your site more user friendly. 

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Contact Form 7 – WordPress Plugin – Basic Contact Form

I haven’t really written about any specific wordpress plugins so I thought I would mention a few that I highly recommend.  I’ll be adding them in no particular order (not trying to show favoritism)  since they all serve different purposes. 

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Understanding WordPress Plugins and Widgets


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