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WordPress 3.0 Features

Well so far – so good with WordPress 3.0 – hasn’t killed any of my websites yet but on the other hand since many of the websites I have are customized I really haven’t been able to take advantage of some of the new features like the menu.

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WordPress Custom Page Templates

In many cases, particularly if you are using your WordPress as a CMS, there comes a time when you need a website page that looks different than the default page of your theme. Examples would include a custom homepage, splash page, map page, links page etc. WordPress makes this very easy.

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Who Says Nothing Good is Free?

People have been questioning both the importance of social networking to business and the use of WordPress as a serious CMS for business. 

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More on Content Management Systems

A content management system is software developed to manage a website,  that is designed and developed for easy use by the website owner – not just web designers.

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