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WordPress as a CMS with a Blog

As WordPress has become more popular,  more and more business have adapted the platform to run successful and dynamic websites.   The main difference when using WordPress as a CMS and not a blog is having a static home page. ( A consistent page the site opens to versus a page listing your latest posts)   However, what if you want the static front page but also want to keep the blog feature –  the best of both worlds: a static home page and a blog.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why is it Important

Search Engine Optimization is important if you wish to attract new visitors to your website – if your website is solely designed to support existing customers, others who already know of you or is an intranet – then SEO may not have much importance.

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A Favicon is the small symbol that appears next to your site name in the browser bar.  Favicons add a visual symbol for your visitors to easily recognize when visiting and bookmarking your site – basically a simple way to stand out from the crowd. 

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WordPress Tips

Helpful Hints…

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Understanding WordPress User Roles

WordPress allows for many people to contribute to the same blog/site.  Since it would not be wise to give all users the same access to the site and it’s functions WordPress has defined different access limits for each level of user.  

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Understanding WordPress Plugins and Widgets


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Understanding WordPress Pages and Posts

WordPress Pages are the static content of your site – information that rarely changes .    The pages are accessed through the page menu so that returning visitors can reference the information easily.  Pages are assigned a hierarchy when created either as a main tab or sub-directory.  Pages are automatically organized alphabetically but can be assigned a custom order.

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Design Tips

Some Ideas About Website Design:


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Your Home Page

Some thoughts:

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